Friday 31 January 2014


The other morning I woke up like any other morning but the it was different. It was Kitchen Install Day! Officially the second most exciting stage after plastering. 

I did a teary eyed salute to the van as it was parking. They luckily didn't see me. 

Laying it out and setting up

I got them do to me a favour of cutting the heating vent in to the kitchen kick plate. 

TA DA! Arrving home from work to Phase 1 complete!! 

Very happy with how it looks and the amount of bench space in the end. It weirdly makes the room seem bigger. Now for the white stone bench top. Then the appliances. Then the plumbing and electrical. Then the pendant lights... then the splashback .. then zzz etc

They also installed my European Laundry and broom cupboard which match my wardrobes. The bathroom is a very tight squeeze! The space was given to the dining area instead which I think was the right decision. 

By the way the fence has been painted. Still yet to do the gate, letterbox and garden bed. 


  1. Amazing! Love it

  2. It looks gorgeous! Bec P.

  3. Exciting! :)

    Looks great so far!


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  6. Hi Caz, its Lily (met you the other day!). I have a couple of questions I wanted to ask and didn't want to bother you at your house! Just wondering where you purchased your weatherboards? And did you replace your whole front door frame and door jamb? If so, did you have it done by a carpenter or was it custom made by a door/window company? Thanks!