Wednesday 26 February 2014

Moving in, styling and enjoying the new life

I have moved in to my house!!  I really never thought this time would ever come, but it has. The inside is virtually done. 

Piece by piece I've been unpacking everything and finding a place for it. Everything within easy reach. Not in a box or suitcase. 

OK SO HERE'S THE MONEY SHOTS! Look back at old photos if you want to remember how bad it looked before! 

Slow decorating the insides and sorting through boxes of stuff. 

Can't wait to get my coloured strip lighting in the kitchen. 

Finished dining setting with all furniture assembled! The feature wall behind it will really set it off. 

My Mum sanding, filling, sanding, filling the party toilet door ready for painting.  The car space still needs to be resurfaced and I'm currently getting quotes to use exposed aggregate (a type of stony concrete)

The door is now nearly finished. The rest of the brick walls will be painted charcoal. I will bag/ render all the brick walls if I have the time/patience/ endurance for the filthy mess it would create.

My bathroom is VERY hard to photograph because .. well it's tiny. These photographs really don't do it justice. It's beautiful. However the lighting isn't quite right and will take some adjusting. I need warmer light with diffusers so I don't look dead and shadowy in the mirror. 

The shower is so luxurious - I chose a very large rainhead shower with the option of a side hose. I find it very hard to get out of the shower now. 

The European laundry sits nicely in that cupobard but we had to move the toilet to get the washing machine in :/  May it never break down.

What I've kept banging on about (for years really) is the fact that all my CDs have been in storage. They are all happily reunited and on my specially fitted shelving. All my cassette and VCR tapes are also there. Some I may get digitised. 

I have been listening to my CDs extensively and am enjoying having decent speakers for the first time in over 2 years.  Music sounds so different! Maybe I better go back over any albums I overlooked!

Guest bedroom. I need proper photographer friends to come over and photograph it once I've finished all the styling! Curtains were hard to find for ceilings that high. I got the longest block out curtains I could and will add some fabric to extend it..... one day.

Arcadia Leadlight are currently making up my design! For the border, they lined up the purples - I chose the third one.

I found a rather jolly handyman who finished off lots of bits and bobs for me. 

 My plumber. Wow. Poor guy.

The hot water problem was sorted and he has finally finished installing the appliances and connecting all the taps and sinks. However it took him many many visits. 
Turns out he lost his license due to drink driving. So then he had to get his wife to drop him off in the rare instance it was convenient for her. Then he started taking the train, but he did a 3 hour charity walk so his feet were so sore that he could hardly walk. So he couldn't go get supplies. So often I was going to Bunnings before or after work for him. Or he'd get a supplier to deliver it to my house. Then he'd realise he'd forgotten something and have to walk tenderly. Which would lead to him having to go to the Doctor. 
Well, he is cheap so .. you get what you pay for. Nice guy but........ 

The stone masons truck arriving to give me a benchtop. My house is still looking pretty plain without all the front finished. I have lots of bright pink paint left and really feel like using it somewhere...  Maybe the side gate.

Still really unsure about what to use as a splashback. These are obviously what I'd choose if I could have anything. Everyone who comes over suggests a different thing - fabric behind glass, coloured glass, pressed patterned metal, mirror etc. I'm leaning towards metallic silver tiles or something reflective.

I've been walking around exploring the local areas and getting ideas for my frontage.

The night after we moved in was Chinese New Year. Thousands of people descended on Footscray! Walking around felt like we were on holiday in Asia. Mainly because of the crowds and the fact it was still 40C late at night.
We splashed out on one of the rides - I was screaming that I could hear the bolts loosening. 

I have of course been eating out every night but now I have my kitchen I can start cooking again with some bits and bobs I've found in storage. 
Some of the meals I've been eating out:

Tofu Vermicelli  - served hot but with fresh vegies in it. My palate loves hot with cold. 

Tofu coleslaw. I love how Vietnamese food is often covered in chopped peanuts.

Hot stone bibimbap (Korean) 

Night out at Dumpling place with friends of the Western suburbs.. metres from my house. Special mention to potato salad- shredded potato fried in chilli and oil.

Black bean tacos at the Reverence Hotel. (Side of tomato salsa, rice and salad with walnuts, sweet potato and rocket. Drool!

Been enjoying all the cafes in the area. My new favourite is Seddon Deadly Sins. Sorry Milking Station! I will still visit you as my closest. 


  1. Ittttsssss aaaa-MAAAAA -ZzzIIIInnnggg!

  2. Absolutely amazing work, mega congratulations on the finished (well, finished enough to live in :)) article. It's come so far from what it looked like when you first got the place, very impressed.

  3. Excellent! I saw this a while ago but only getting around to commenting now. Love all the hot pink. Also just unearthed a load of CDs but have yet to hook up the steryeryo! Might be a job for today! Well done you : )

  4. “I have moved in to my house!” – Congratulations! I have read your entire journey; from the time you demolished the house, choosing the right color paint for your siding, and more. And now, you finally moved in. Yay! All the long wait and hard work definitely paid off. I hope the unpacking will be done soon, so you can fully enjoy your new home.

    Scott @ Atlas Interior Home Fashions